I. General Description.

JdV Group Colombia S.A.S. (hereinafter “JdV”) has developed a platform (hereinafter “Maando”), through which it is intended to achieve the connection of people in different parts of the world, according to their needs, for the sending and delivery of parcels and correspondence, specially designed to connect, from a mobile application or accessing from the website, users who travel and transport with users who forward.

The purpose of this General Terms and Conditions of Use document is to regulate access and requirements for the use of the platform. Therefore, they are asked to carefully read these conditions, under the premise that you understand and acknowledge that JdV is not a party to any contract, agreement and/or contractual relationship, of any kind and/or nature, signed with the Users of its application.

By clicking “Log in with Facebook” or “Registering with an email address”, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these Maando General Terms and Conditions of Use documents.


II. Definitions.

For the purposes of applying this Maando General Terms and Conditions of Use, the following Definitions are established:

JdV: has the meaning attributed to it in Numeral I.

Maando: it has the meaning attributed to it in Numeral I.

User: means anyone who accesses the Platform, upon creation of an Account.

Maando Traveler: means the User who uses Maando to offer its parcel and/or correspondence transport services, on a previously planned Journey, at a certain date and time.

Maando Sender: refers to the User who requests, through the platform, a service of sending parcels and/or correspondence, to a User Maando Traveler, in a Duly Approved Journey.

Favor: means the request made by a Maando Sender to a Maando Traveler, to transport and deliver parcels and/or correspondence, anywhere in the world, in the shortest possible time, in the Routes duly approved.

Object of favor: Goods subject to a Favor may be correspondence, documents, packages, baggage, and, in general, movable goods that may be transported by a Maando Traveler, taking into account its capacity and restrictions on the matter, in accordance with the legislation in force at the places of origin and destination.

Announcement: means the publication of the Journey made by a Maando Traveler on the Platform to make a Favor.

Ad Content: means information related to the place of origin, place of destination, date, time, and available capacity.

Capacity: means the availability, in terms of weight, volume and/or maximum quantity, that a Maando Traveler can carry.

Booking Confirmation: means acceptance on the Platform, of the Reservation of a Favor, by the Maando Traveler, after validation of the conditions established in Numeral V.

Content developed by the User: means the information and/or data provided by the User for the use of Maando. It has the meaning attributed to it in Numeral XII.

Costs of Favor: means the consideration in money that is given to the Maando Traveler, by the Sender Master, by the realization of a Favor. These are published on the Platform.

Account: corresponds to the registration that people must make on the Platform to be created as a User and to be able to access the services offered by Maando.

Facebook Account: means registering an account as a User by accessing from Facebook. It has the scope attributed to it in Numeral III.

Management Expenses: refer to administrative and operating expenses, incurred by JdV for the maintenance and normal operation of the Platform. For purposes of The Costs of The Favor, account must be taken of the provisions of Numeral V.

Certified Information: refers to the action by which JdV certifies the User’s profile, after validation and verification of the information provided by it. It has the meaning attributed to it in Numeral III.

Receiving Point: means the place where the Object of the Favor that the Maando Sender has requested is collected, through a Notice published by a Maando Traveler, on the Platform.

Delivery Point: means the place where the Item of the Favor must be delivered by a Maando Traveler.

Maando Receiver: means the final recipient of the Favor, which must be duly identified by the Maando Sender, prior to the approval of the Route by the Maando Traveler.

Booking: means the online system by which the Maando Sender confirms a Favor to a Maando Traveler. It has the meaning attributed to it in Numeral IV.

Services: refers to the set of utilities and interactions offered by JdV through the Maando Platform.

Website: means the website that can be accessed from the

T&C: means this Maando General Terms and Conditions of Use Documents.

Travel: means the itinerary or route reported by a Maando Traveler through a Notice on the Platform.

III. Register on the Maando Platform and create an Account.

Registration conditions on the Maando Platform. The Maando Platform can only be used by natural persons over the age of eighteen (18). Registration on the platform by a minor is strictly prohibited. By accessing, using and/or registering on the Maando Platform, you affirm under the severity of the oath that it is understood to be provided by the acceptance of T&C, who are over eighteen (18) years old.

Creating an Account. The Maando Platform allows Users to post and view Ads and interact with each other to request a Favor. Ads can be viewed without being registered on the Platform. However, you may not post an Ad or book a Favor without first becoming an Account to become a User.

To create your own Account, you can use any of the methods described below:

  1. Create an account directly on the Maando Platform, taking all the required fields on the registration form; or,
  2. Log in to your Facebook account through our Maando Platform (hereinafter referred to as your “Facebook Account”). By using this functionality, you understand that JdV will have access to post on the Maando Platform and retain certain information from your Facebook Account. You can remove the link between your Account and your Facebook Account at any time in the “Certifications” section of your profile. If you would like to learn more about the use of your data obtained from your Facebook Account, you can read our Privacy Policy and Facebook Privacy Policy.

To register on the Maando Platform you must have read and accepted these T&C and the Privacy Policy.

By creating your Account, regardless of the method selected, you agree to provide true and accurate information, and to update such information through your profile and/or by sending a notification to JdV, for as long as your Account is active.

At the event in which you register using an email, you agree to keep the password selected secret during the creation of your Account and not to communicate it to anyone else. In case of loss and/or disclosure of your password, you are required to inform JdV immediately. You are solely responsible for the use of your Account by third parties, unless you have expressly communicated to JdV the loss, fraudulent use by a third party, and/or disclosure of your password to a third party.

You must not create or use, under your own identity or under the identity of a third party, any Account in addition to that initially created.

Verification. JdV may, for transparency, truthfulness checks, and/or fraud prevention and/or detection, establish a system that allows and/or facilitates the verification, in whole or in part, of the information provided in its profile.

By the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that any reference in Maando and/or the Services to certified information, or any other similar term, only means that a User has successfully passed the existing verification procedure on Maando or the Services, to provide you with more information about the User with which you are planning to share a Favor.

However, JdV cannot guarantee the veracity, reliability and/or validity of the information subject to the verification procedure.

IV. Use of the Services.

Posting Ads. As a User and, provided that you meet the conditions set forth below, you may create and post Ads on Maando by recording the information about the Trip you are taking (dates/times/origin/destination/capacity available/etc.).

You may only post an Ad if you comply with any and all of the following conditions:

For domestic, domestic or local travel:

  • You have a personal identification document in force, in the terms of the legislation governing your issuance.
  • You do not have any contraindications or medical inability to travel.
  • You have no intention of posting another Advertisement for the same Favor on Maando.
  • You do not offer more capacity than is actually available, depending on your Trip and those allowed in Maando.
  • You know and abide by the rules in force at the place of origin and destination, regarding the goods you can transport.

For international travel:

  • You have a valid passport, in the terms of the legislation governing your issuance.
  • You do not have any contraindications or medical inability to travel.
  • You have no intention of posting another Advertisement for the same Favor on Maando.
  • You do not offer more capacity than is actually available, depending on your Trip and those allowed in Maando.
  • You know and abide by the rules in force at the place of origin and destination, regarding the goods you can transport.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the content of the Advertisement you post on Maando. Therefore, you acknowledge, accept and warrant the veracity and accuracy of all information contained in your Notice, and you agree to do the Favor under the conditions described in your Advertisement.

Your ad, as long as it complies with these T&C, will be published on Maando and may therefore be viewed by all Users and visitors, including by people who are not Users of the Platform, and who search Maando or the website of the companies associated with JdV.

JdV reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without prior notice and/or notification, not to post and/or delete, at any time, one or more Ads that do not comply with these T&C and/or that it believes may damage your image, those of its associated companies, Maando’s image and/or the image of the Services.

You acknowledge and agree that the criteria used in the classification and establishment of the display order of your Ad among the other Ads is JdV’s sole discretion.

V. Parcels and documents not allowed.

They cannot be the subject of Favor, through Maando, the sending of one or more of the following items:

  1. Firearms or replicas.
  2. Ammunition.
  3. Detonators.
  4. Mines.
  5. Grenades.
  6. Sharp weapons or objects.
  7. Bengals.
  8. Explosives.
  9. Explosive devices.
  10. Stun devices.
  11. Pyrotechnics.
  12. Smoke-generating elements.
  13. Human remains or ashes.
  14. Animal hunting trophies, animal parts, animal ash and/or animal products not suitable for human consumption.
  15. Psychoactive substances.
  16. Toxic or infectious substances.
  17. Flammable liquids.
  18. Flammable solids.
  19. Compressed gases.
  20. Lithium batteries.
  21. Radioactive materials.

VI. Book a Favor.

JdV has established a system for booking Online Favors (“Reservation”) for some of the Trips offered on Maando.

When a Passenger is interested in a Booking System Announcement, they can make a Booking request online. This Booking request can be:

  • Automatically accepted (in case the Maando Traveler has selected this option when posting the Advertisement), or
  • accepted by the Maando Traveler manually. At the time of booking, the Maando Sender makes the payment online for the amount of Favor Costs and related Management Expenses.

Upon receipt of payment by JdV and after validation of the Booking by the Maando Traveler, if applicable, the Maando Sender receives a Booking Confirmation (the “Booking Confirmation”).

In case of rejection or expiration of the Booking request by the Maando Traveler, the Maando Sender receives a refund for the amount of the total amount paid at the time of the Booking request.

If you are a Maando Traveler and have selected to manually manage Booking requests when posting your Ad, you must respond to Booking requests within a certain time. If not, the Booking request will automatically expire and the Sender Master will receive a refund of the amount he/she paid at the time of making the Booking request, if applicable.

At the time of booking confirmation, JdV will send you the instructions for the delivery of the goods subject to the Favor. From then on you are solely responsible for the fulfillment of the Favor that links you to the other User.

Nature of the Favor Reserve and terms of use of the Services on behalf of a third party. Any use of the Services, both as Maando Traveler and Maando Sender, is related to a specific name. The identity of the Maando Traveler and the Maando Sender must correspond, without place to misunderstandings and/or conditions, with the identity communicated by them to JdV and the other Users participating in the Same Favor.

Maando is designed to book Favors for the transportation of things. It is forbidden to book a Favor to transport people and/animals. It is also prohibited to post an Ad for any other Maando Traveler other than yourself.

VII. Evaluation System.

Workings. JdV encourages you to post your comments and/or ratings about a Maando Traveler (in the event that you are a Maando Sender) or about a Maando Sender (in the event that you are a Maando Traveler) with whom you have shared a Favor or with whom you are supposed to have shared a Favor. However, it is not allowed to leave any comment on any other User with whom you have not shared a Favor.

Your opinion, like opinions posted by other Users about you, will only be viewed and posted on Maando after one of the following events occurs:

  • immediately after both Users (both Maando Traveler and Maando Sender), have left a comment, or
  • after a period of ten (10) days after the first opinion (of either: Maando Traveler or Maando Sender).

You may respond to a comment made to your profile by another User, within ten (10) following the date of receipt of the same. The comment and, if applicable, its response, will be published in each of the profiles of the Users involved.

Moderation. You acknowledge and agree that JdV reserves the right not to post and/or remove any comments, questions, opinions and/or responses thereof, if you believe that your content violates these T&C.

Limit. JdV reserves the right to suspend your Account, limit your access to the Services, or terminate these T&C in any of the following cases:

  • When you have received at least three (3) negative reviews.
  • When the average reviews received, have a score equal to or less than three (3).

VIII. Financial Conditions.

Access and registration in Maando, as well as the search, display and publication of Ads, do not imply any cost. However, the Favor Booking will be made after payment of the corresponding fee (Favor Costs and Management Expenses), as described below.

Favor Costs. It constitutes the fare that is recognized to the Maando Traveler by the Favor, in accordance with the rates established by JdV.

Management Expenses. JdV may charge, in exchange for the use of the Platform, management fees to its users (hereinafter, the “Management Expenses”). The user will be informed prior to any collection of such Management Expenses, as applicable.

The methods of calculating the Management Expenses currently available are provided for informational purposes only and have no contractual value. JdV reserves the right to modify the methods of calculating Management Expenses at any time. These changes will have no effect on Management Expenses accepted by Users prior to the effective date of such changes.

In the case of International Favors, the methods for calculating Management Expenses and applicable VAT may vary depending on the place of origin and destination of the Maando Traveler.

By using the Platform for the realization of International Favors or abroad in the Republic of Colombia, Management Expenses may be charged by JdV subsidiaries.

Rounding. You acknowledge and agree that JdV may, in its sole discretion and discretion, round up or down management expenses and the Cost of Favor.

IX. Methods of payment of the Cost of Favor.

Collection authorization. By using the Platform as a Maando Traveler, you grant JdV a collection authorization equivalent to the Cost of Favor on your behalf. Thus, in the context of a Favor, and after the automatic or manual acceptance of the Booking, JdV charges the fee paid by the Maando Traveler (i.e. both the Cost of Favor and the Management Expenses).

The value corresponding to the Cost of Favor is deposited into an account dedicated to the payment of the Maando Traveler.

By the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that none of the amounts of money mentioned and received by JdV on behalf of the Traveler Master grant the right to interest collection and payment. You agree to respond with due diligence and care, to any request made by JdV and, in general, to any competent administrative and/or judicial authority, especially with respect to the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. You agree, upon request by JdV, to provide any information, documents, etc. that constitute sufficient evidence, in JdV’s opinion, of your contact information.

In the event of a request to respond to such requests, JdV may take such measures as it deems necessary, appropriate and/or conducting, to freeze the amounts of money paid and/or suspend your Account and/or terminate these T&C.

Payment of the Cost of Favor. Upon completion of the Favor, the Maando Sender will have a period of twenty-four (24) hours from the time the package and/or The Object of Favor documents has been received, to file any complaints and/or claims with JdV related to the Favor. In the absence of a claim by the Maando Senders during this period, JdV will consider the Favor as confirmed.

From the moment of this express or implied confirmation, you will have, as Maando Traveler, a credit that will be credited to your Account. This credit is equivalent to the total amount paid by the Sender Master at the time of confirming the Favor Reservation, after subtracting the Management Expenses, that is, the amount equivalent to the Cost of The Favor.

When the Maando Sender confirms the Favor, you, as Maando Traveler, have the option to provide instructions to JdV, to pay the money in your bank account (registering the necessary information for this purpose). The payment order in your name will be sent on the first business day following your request or, in case of omission by you, the request in question, within a maximum period of two (2) business days upon receipt of payment by JdV (provided JdV has your bank information). Once the applicable time limit periods have ended, in the terms mentioned above, any sum of money that has not been claimed will be considered as JdV’s own.

X. Non-commercial and non-business objective of the Services and Platform.

You agree and agree to use the Services and the Maando Platform to contact, for non-commercial and non-business purposes, individuals who wish to apply for a Favor.

You, as Maando Traveler, agree not to request a sum of money in addition to the Costs of Favor, i.e. you accept and agree on the rates set by Maando for this purpose.

JdV reserves the right to suspend your Account, limit your access to the Services and/or terminate these T&C in the event that your activity on the Platform, given the nature of the Platform Services, in any way suggests to JdV that you have commercial or business purposes.

XI. Cancellation policy.

Terms of refund of payment in case of cancellation. The cancellation of a Favor, by the Traveler or Sender Command, once the reservation is confirmed, will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. In the events in which the cancellation is made by the Traveler, the Sender will be returned the total amount paid (that is, the equivalent to the cost of the Favor and the respective Management Expenses). Fundamentally, these are the cases in which the Traveling Command cancels the Favor or does not collect the goods, as agreed.
  2. In case of cancellation by the Sender Command:
  • If the Sender Command cancels more than twenty-four (24) hours in advance, before the scheduled departure time mentioned in the Announcement, the Sender Command will only be returned the sum equivalent to the Cost of the Favor. The amounts corresponding to the Management Expenses will be JdV. The Traveler Command will not be entitled to receive any sum of money.
  • If the Sender Command cancels the Favor less than twenty-four (24) hours before the departure time mentioned in the Announcement and once thirty (30) minutes have passed after the Booking Confirmation, the Sender Command shall have the right to the reimbursement of half of the sum of money of the costs of the Favor, paid at the time of making the Reservation. The amounts corresponding to the Management Expenses will be JdV. The Maando Traveler will be entitled to the payment of fifty percent (50%) of the Costs of the Favor.
  • If the Sender’s Command cancels less than twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled departure time mentioned in the Announcement, and in thirty (30) minutes or less after the Booking Confirmation, it will be returned to the Sender’s Command the total sum of the Favor Costs. The amounts corresponding to the Management Expenses will be JdV. The Traveler Command will not be entitled to receive any sum of money.
  • If the Sender Command cancels after the scheduled departure time mentioned in the Announcement, she will not be entitled to any refund. The Maando Traveler will be compensated with the total Cost of the Favor. The amounts corresponding to the Management Expenses will be JdV.

In the events in which the cancellation occurs before the departure date and for reasons attributable to the Sender Command, the Favor canceled by the Sender Command will be automatically available to other Sender’s Command, who may reserve them online under the conditions of the present T&C.

In any case, JdV reserves, at its own discretion and discretion, assesses, according to the information available, the legitimacy of reimbursement requests.

XII. Behavior of the people who visit the Platform and the Users.

Commitment of all the people who visit the Platform. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for complying with all laws, guidelines and obligations applicable to the use of the Platform.

Additionally, by using the Platform and during the execution of the Favors, you agree to:

  1. Not to use the Platform for professional, commercial and/or business purposes.
  2. Not to send JdV (especially at the time of creating or updating your Account) or to the other Users of the Platform, false, confusing, malicious and/or fraudulent information.
  3. Not to speak, or behave, or post any content on the Platform that may be defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, offensive, aggressive, inappropriate, violent, threatening, harassing, of a racist or xenophobic nature, that has sexual connotations, incites violence, discrimination or hatred, and/or encourages activities and/or the use of illegal substances or, in a more general way, that is contrary to the objectives of the Platform and that may infringe the rights of JdV and/or a third party, and/or that may be contrary to good customs.
  4. Not infringe the rights and not damage the image of JdV, especially in regards to its intellectual property rights.
  5. Not open more than one (1) Account on the Platform, and not open an Account on behalf of a third party.
  6. Not try to circumvent the online reservation system of the Platform, mainly trying to send your contact information to another User to make the reservation outside the Platform in order to avoid the payment of Management Fees.
  7. Not to contact another User, through the Platform, for any purpose other than defining the conditions of the Shared Favor.
  8. Not accept or make the payment outside the Platform.
  9. Comply with these T&C and with the Privacy Policy.

Commitments of the Maando Travelers. When you use the Platform as Maando Traveler, you agree to:

  1. Respect all laws and guidelines for national, domestic or local and international travel, as the case may be, regardless of your country of residence and/or nationality.
  2. Do not take any risk during the trip.
  3. Publish Announcements that only correspond to trips already scheduled.
  4. Make the Trip according to the description in the Announcement (Airline, Origin, Destination, Cargo Capacity, etc.) and to respect the times and places agreed for deliveries.
  5. Not to carry out more Favors, in contravention of the load capacity, in the terms indicated in the Announcement.
  6. In case of delay or cancellation of itineraries, you must inform your Sender Command as soon as possible.
  7. Make sure that the Senders can contact you at the phone number registered in your profile.
  8. Not to use the Platform for professional, commercial and/or business purposes.
  9. Not accept payment outside the Platform.
  10. Comply with these T&C and with the Privacy Policy.

Commitments of the Senders Command. When you use the Platform as a Sender Command, you agree to:

  1. Refrain from sending packages and/or documents not allowed by current legislation applicable to the matter, according to the places of origin and destination, as the case may be.
  2. Refrain from sending packages and/or documents not allowed under the terms described in these T&C.
  3. Respect the schedules and conditions of delivery of the packages and / or documents Object of the Favor.
  4. In case of delay, inform the Traveler Command, as soon as possible.
  5. Make sure that the Maando Traveler can contact you at the phone number registered in your profile, even at the meeting point.

XIII. Suspension of accounts, limitation of access and termination of the T&C.

You can terminate your contractual relationship with JdV, at any time, free of charge and without explanations and/or justifications. You just have to go to the “Unsubscribe” tab on your Profile page.

In cases of non-compliance with these T&C included, JdV reserves the right to carry out one or all of the following actions:

  1. Rescind the T&C that link you with JdV, immediately and without prior notice.
  2. Avoid the publication, or delete any opinion, Announcement, message, reservation request and/or any content that you have published on the Platform.
  3. Limit your access and use of the Platform.
  4. Temporarily or permanently suspend your Account.

When JdV deems it necessary to carry out the aforementioned termination, you will be notified of this decision so that you can present your explanations to JdV. However, JdV will make the decision it deems most convenient or necessary, for its own benefit, without the need for any explanation and/or justification.

XIV. Personal data.

In the context of your use of the Platform, JdV will collect and process your personal information. By using the Platform and registering as a User, you acknowledge and accept the processing of your personal data by JdV, in accordance with the Data Protection Law, other applicable legislation and the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

Location Data. Maando will collect location data to be able to provide the service, the app will track the user’s location to be able to match the users in a designated, agreed location or to guide a user to the final destination. The location data will respect all other guidelines on this Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Intellectual property. Content published by JdV. Subject to the content provided by its Users, JdV is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights related to the Service, the Platform, its content (specifically the texts, images, designs, logos, videos, sound, data and graphics) and with the software and databases that ensure its operation.

Therefore, JdV guarantees you a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable, right to use the Platform and the Services, for your personal, private and non-transferable use, with a non-commercial objective and in accordance with the purpose of the Platform and the Services.

It is totally forbidden to use and/or exploit the Platform and the Services, including their content, for any other purpose than that provided without prior, express and written consent from JdV.

It is absolutely and totally prohibited:

  1. Reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, publicly represent and disseminate the Platform, the Services and all their content, unless prior, express and written authorization from JdV.
  2. Decompile and reverse engineer the Platform or the Services, except for the exceptions stipulated by the applicable texts.
  3. Extract or attempt to extract (specifically using data extraction robots or similar data collection tools) a substantial part of the data on the Platform.

Content published by the User on the Platform. In order to allow the provision of the Services, and in compliance with the objective of the Platform, you grant JdV a non-exclusive license to use the content and data that you have provided in the context of the use of the Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Content developed by the User”). In order to allow JdV to distribute through the digital network and in accordance with any communication protocol (especially the Internet and mobile networks) and to be able to offer the content of the Platform to the public, you authorize JdV to reproduce, represent, adapt and / or translate its Content developed by the User for the whole world and during the entire duration of its contractual relationships with JdV, under the following parameters:

  1. You authorize JdV to reproduce all or part of your Content developed by the User in any digital recording medium, known or to be known, specifically on any server, hard disk, memory card or other equivalent medium, in any format and through any process, already known or to be known, to the extent necessary for any storage, backup, transmission or download operation related to the operation of the Platform and the provision of the Service.
  2. You authorize JdV to adapt and translate the content developed by you, to reproduce said adaptations in any digital medium, known or unknown, established in these T&C, with the aim of providing the Services in different languages. This right includes the option to make modifications to the format of the Content developed by the User, with respect to their moral right, with the aim of respecting the graphic design of the Platform or to make its Content technically compatible with the software. used by JdV, for subsequent publication through the Platform.

XV. JdV function.

Maando constitutes an online network connection platform in which Users can create and publish Favors Ads. These Ads will be viewed by other Users to check the conditions of the Favor and, when applicable, to directly reserve a Favor, with the User who has published the Announcement on the Platform.

By using the Platform and accepting these T&C, you acknowledge that JdV is not part of any agreement formalized between you and the other Users.

JdV does not have any type of control over the behavior of the Platform Users. It does not own, operate, supply or manage the means of transportation used for the trips included in the Ads, and it does not offer Trips on the Platform. Each Maando Traveler who publishes an Ad, has made the payment of all the expenses and costs associated with it.

You acknowledge and accept that JdV does not control the validity, veracity and/or legality of the Ads. In its capacity as an intermediary, JdV does not offer a transport service or act as a carrier, the function of JdV is limited to facilitating access to the Platform, to carry out the Favors.

The Users (Maando Travelers or Maando Senders) act under their sole, total and exclusive responsibility.

In its capacity as intermediary, JdV should not be held responsible for any incident that takes place during a Favor, especially in relation to:

  1. Erroneous information communicated by the Traveler in its Announcement, or by any other means, regarding the Journey and its conditions.
  2. The cancellation or modification of a Journey by a User.

XVI. Operation, availability and functionalities of the Platform.

JdV will try as far as possible to maintain the constant operation of the Platform seven (7) days a week and twenty-four (24) hours a day. However, it is possible that access to the Platform may be temporarily suspended, without prior notice, for technical reasons, maintenance, migration or update operations, or due to power outages or restrictions related to the operation of the network.

JdV reserves the right to modify or suspend, in whole or in part, access to the Platform or its functionalities, at its discretion, either temporarily or permanently.


XVII. Modification of the T&C.

These T&C form the entire agreement between you and JdV in relation to the use of the Services. Any other document mentioned on the Platform (Frequently Asked Questions, Blog, etc.), is for indicative purposes only.

JdV may modify these T&C to adapt them to its technological and commercial environment, and to comply with current applicable legislation. Any modification made in the T&C will be published on the Platform indicating the effective date, and you will receive a notification of said change, at any time, before it.

XVIII. Applicable legislation.

These T&C have been drafted in Spanish, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Colombia.

XIX. Compromise clause.

Except for the executive collection of obligations, any difference and / or controversy that arises between JdV and the Users for reason or on the occasion of these T&C, their acceptance, subscription, interpretation, execution and / or termination, that cannot be resolved directly for the same, in a term not exceeding fifteen (15) days, counted from the notification of the respective controversy, it will be resolved by an Arbitration Tribunal. The court will be composed of one (1) arbitrator, who must be a qualified lawyer and be a Colombian citizen. The appointment of the arbitrator will be made by JdV. The operation of the court will be carried out through the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, with its rules and at its facilities. The court will decide in law in accordance with the law of the Republic of Colombia.


XX. Legal warning.

Maando is edited by JdV Group Colombia SAS, a simplified stock company, legally constituted within the framework of the Republic of Colombia, identified with NIT 901.203.827-4, with its main address in the city of Bogotá, DC, at Carrera 12 No. 93 – 78, Office 203. For any question, doubt, concern and/or suggestion, you can contact JdV Group Colombia SAS.