We receive shipping requests through our hotlines and connect them with the availability of our travelers.

Our service operates around the world. However, between cities in the same country it only applies to the United States.

The service can be from and to your door with the help of our last mile partners or you can plan a meeting point with the traveler who is carrying the package.

Our service is based on trust. However, we offer to insure your package through a policy.

We have an advanced security system to protect the user and, in this way, prevent packages containing these elements from being sent.

Yes, according to each country’s regulations.

For now, the United States has banned the shipment of pets. Swipe up the story.

For shipments to other countries, it will be considered by the traveler.

Yes, purchases up to $ 150.

Additionally, you can send your purchases to our main office:

Maando LLC
Central Park, 745 5Th Ave, Suite 500 New York, NY 10151
Phone: +1 (305) 842-4295

Our responsibility begins when we receive the package.

From $ 120 for deliveries in less than 24 hours between countries.

If your service doesn’t have to be immediate, we have deals from 30 USD and will get to its destination in 9 working days.

It should weigh a maximum of 2 kilos (less than 5 lbs) and the space it takes up should be similar to that of a 16-inch laptop (14 * 12 * 4 inches).

Items allowed by the TSA that meet the packaging criteria.